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          <rev user="Chris" timestamp="2014-08-31T12:59:22Z" comment="" contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">This wiki has been created because activists have been locked out of [], see [ this email] and for more on this see [[The Witch Hunt]].

'''Due to abuse by spambots this this wiki has been set so accounts can only be created by sysops using the [[Special:UserLogin/signup]] page &amp;mdash; if you would like an account on this wiki please email [ one of the lists] to ask for one to be created for you. If you have forgotton your password you can request it be reset via the [[Special:UserLogin]] page.'''


* [[Sheffield]]

==Indymedia UK Meetings==

* [[Birmingham October 29th 2011]]


Add the title of the new feature to the list below and then click the title to create it:

* [[Bristol IMC Court Order]]
* [[Attack on The Casa]]
* [[Police Raids on Occupations]]
* [[Occupations go Global 15th October]]
* [[Occupy Wall Street]]
* [[August Riots]]
* [[Antifa Prisoners]]
* [[Dale Farm]]
* [[Terror War]]
* [[Brian Haw]]
* [[CoC Jan Screenings]]
* [[New Lists and Wiki]]


* [[Occupy Flyer]]


* [[Newswire]]
* [[Web Site Improvements]]
* [[Mir Templates]]
* [[Image Resizing]]
* [[Dev Env]]
* [[IRC]]

==Static Pages==

* [[Editorial]]
* [[Mission]]
* [[About]]
* [[Help]]
* [[Contact]]
** [[Re-drafted Contact]]
* [[Security]]
* [[Privacy]]
* [[Support Us]]

==Other Pages==

* [[Twitter]]
* [[List policy]]
* [[List invites]]
* [[The Witch Hunt]]
* [[Outreach]]

== Help ==

* [[Help:Formatting]]

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* [ Configuration settings list]
* [ MediaWiki FAQ]
* [ MediaWiki release mailing list]</rev>