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Support the Antifascist Prisoners

In a miscarriage of justice, reminiscent of the Ratcliffe case, six antifascist are currently being held in Wormwood Scrubs and one is on bail after being found guilty of "conspiracy to commit violent disorder". The first trial, of 11 of the 22 activists facing this absurd charge, ended on 28th June 2011 with four people being acquitted, four sentenced immediately to 21 months in jail, two others sent to prison awaiting sentencing, and the other released on bail pending sentence. A second trial of the 11 other activists is threatened to start on 12th September 2011.

The incident that led to police raids across the country and 23 arrests occured on 28th March 2009 when a number of antifascist activists travelled to Welling in south-east London to protest against a neo-Nazi "Blood and Honour" skinhead gig at the Duchess of Edinburgh Pub. No fascists have been arrested, charged or even appeared as witnesses in the court case and in the absence of any evidence to press charges for "common assault" the Police and Crown Prosecution Service spent a vast amount of time and resources to press charges which, in effect make it illegal to protest against fascists. The use of "conspiracy" charges — charging activist for things that might have thought about rather than charging them for anything they have actually done is clearly being done to suit a political agenda which involves the ridiculous repression of progressive activists, no doubt intended as a "deterrent" to others, while at the same time real corporate crimes are covered up and swept under the carpet. Contrast the treatment of the activists with the kid-glove treatment by the state of the Murdoch media crime family, whose melding of corporate power with the state, is reminiscent of Italy under Mussolini.

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The verdict of the Ratcliffe case in which activists were initially found guilty of "conspiring to commit aggravated trespass" was overturned on 19th July 2011 on appeal following the suppression of evidence gathered by the Police spy Mark Kennedy by the Crown Prosecution Service.