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|genny||Wrexham||none||unfluorescent lights
|genny||Wrexham||none||unfluorescent lights

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Date and Venue

The gathering will be held on October 29th 2011 at the Birmingham Bike Foundry (1539 Pershore Road, Stirchley) from 10am til 5pm

The 45 and 47 busses leave from St. Martins Queensway, New Street Station (Stop VB) to go to Stirchley. You need to get off at Elm Tree Road stop. Walk down to the pedestrian crossing and cross the road to the Bike Foundry.

Vegan food will be available.

Who's Coming?

Name........... Region/City.... Accommodation Requirements Other Needs....
phunkee Birmingham none none
genny Wrexham none unfluorescent lights
MrD Oxford none none

Draft Agenda

  1. site design
  2. constitution
  3. indymedia network
  4. twitter
  5. features
  6. getting more people involved
  7. finance