Birmingham October 29th 2011

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Date and Venue

The gathering will be held on October 29th 2011 at the Birmingham Bike Foundry from 10am til 5pm

[day=monday_-_friday&timetable[direction]=Birmingham+-+Longbridge+via+Pershore+Road& 45 Bus] and [day=monday_-_friday&timetable[direction]=Birmingham+-+Cofton+Hackett+via+Pershore+Road&tab= 47 Bus] leave from St. Martins Queensway, New Street Station (stop VB) to Stirchley. 

Vegan food will be available. link title

Who's Coming?

Name Region/City Accommodation Requirements Other Needs
phunkee Birmingham none none

Draft Agenda

  1. site design
  2. constitution
  3. indymedia network
  4. twitter
  5. features
  6. getting more people involved
  7. finance