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Somewhere to sort out a feature article on Brian Haw, to fill out the one that has been started.

Brian Haw 7/1/49 - 18/6/11 RIP

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Brian Haw, passed away on Saturday 18th June 2011.

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Articles with "Brian Haw" in the title posted to UK Indymedia, this isn't all the coverage he has had on UK Indymedia as mant articles won't have had his name in the title:

2003: Brian Haw on Hunger Strike |

2004: Police attempting to move Brian Haw, Parliament Sq peace protestor | Take Action to Stop Police Eviction of Peace Activist Brian Haw | URGENT: Brian Haw "Disappeared" by the Cops | Brian Haw arrested in Parliament Square | Brian Haw protest continues - 3 years in June! | Support Brian Haw | Brian Haw in court tomorrow | Brian Haws 3rd Anniversary in Parliament Square | Brian Haw 24/7 protest reaches three and a half years!

2005: We need help in London NOW - Brian Haw being attacked | Brian Haw clocks up 4 years of 24/7 in Parliament Square! | Brian Haw says `Just do it` | VICTORY for Brian Haw! | Brian Haw defies eviction under new law | Brian Haw 1,521 Not Out! | Pics from Brian Haw’s peace camp, 24 Sep | Brian Haw ha been arrested this morining | Cindy Sheehan to Visit UK Peace Protestor Brian Haw | meeting between cindy sheehan and brian haw turns to spontaneous protest

2006: Brian Haw to appear in High Court | Solidarity with Brian Haw at the High court, Monday 10am | Brian Haw high court case | final verdict on brian haw high court next monday | Mon 8 May 10am, High Court judgement on Brian Haw's demonstration | government wins appeal against brian haw's peace protest | film of brian haw and supporters in the square after high court verdict | Brian Haw Timeline | reminder of latest news on brian haw's battle to remain