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Somewhere to sort out a feature article on Brian Haw, to fill out the one that has been started.

Early on Saturday morning 18 June 2011, veteran peace protester Brian Haw passed away aged 62. [removed the bit about in his sleep as he was probably drugged unconscious with morphine etc. but happy for it to be put back if anyone knows different] A long-term chain smoker who spent the last ten years of his life inhaling the toxic traffic fumes in Parliament Square 24/7, he had been diagnosed with lung cancer in September 2010. Despite starting treatment almost immediately at St Thomas's hospital and subsequently spending six months in Germany for private treatment, he has lost his fight for life and the peace movement has lost one of its most committed campaigners.

Brian first came to Parliament Square June 2001 to protest the economic sanctions placed on Iraq by the West. The sanctions had led to the unnecessary deaths of many thousands of innocent men, women and children, and having witnessed the suffering and premature death of one of his own children, Brian felt obliged to act. His objections to conflict were certainly heartfelt having visited the Killing Fields of Cambodia, even travelling to Iraq in the early nineties and seeing for himself the impact of UK + US foreign policy.

Various legal (and illegal) attempts were made by the authorities over the years to remove Haw, but each one was successfully challenged. Consequently, his campaign became synonymous with not just his opposition to war but also the right of freedom of assembly.

Apart from the occasional absence to attend court hearings, Brian Haw maintained a continuous presence on the pavement opposite the British Parliament for ten years. His makeshift camp, originally very modest in size, grew as supporters donated signs and artwork. In 2007, artist Mark Wallinger won the Turner Prize for his reconstruction of Haw's display, which had earlier that year been trashed by the cops supposedly enforcing a court ruling about its permitted size.


Brian Haw 7/1/49 - 18/6/11 RIP

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Brian Haw, passed away on Saturday 18th June 2011.

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