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Bytemark served with PACE special procedure production order for details from Bristol Indymedia

Bristol Indymedia has been hosted on a Bytemark Debian virtual server since 2005, up until November 2013 the site was running Oscailt, in March 2014 it was re-launched as a WordPress site, and set it up "using the software [modremoveip] on our server".

On 27th August 2014 Bristol Indymedia reported that, ""

The Times has reported that:

A copy of the production order, marked restricted but seen by The Times, authorises officers to seize “special procedure” journalistic material. It demands access to the details of administrators and bill-payers, login credentials, information on those who posted articles and the IP addresses of everyone who visited the site over an unspecified period.


The raid on Indymedia Bristol’s server providers Bytemark Hosting took place on Friday August 15 but details of the seizure have just begun to emerge.

Corporate Coverage: The Times: Activist website Indymedia shuts down after police raid (repost) | The Bristol Post: Anarchist website Bristol Indymedia to close following police raid (repost)

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