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On the evening of 6th June it was noticed that a number of Sheffield wiki pages had been edited or deleted. Chrisc suggested we send draft an email to the IMC wiki Working Group.

Wiki Vandalism


Some wiki pages of the UK, Mayday and Sheffield collectives have been vandalised and deleted [1] in the name of Northern Indymedia [2], this has included the editing of proposals that IMC Sheffield took to the UK network meeting in Bradford last December. This has not been done by anyone in the Sheffield, UK or Northern collectives [3] as far as we know.

Normally such abuse could be rolled back but since we have had our wiki accounts deleted we are unable to do this.

We are asking the IMC-Docs working group to either reinstate the accounts that were deleted so we can fix the vandalism ourselves or that the IMC-Docs working group reverts the edits by NorThern and then locks all the Mayday, Sheffield and UK wiki pages to prevent future abuse of this nature.

[1] Deleted:

There are copies of the deleted pages, HTML format only, here:


[2] NorThern "Northern Indymedia wiki-secretary"

[3] See:

Sheffield's Wiki pages under attack

A number of wiki pages of Sheffield IMC have been both edited and deleted by someone using the nickname NorThern[1]. This person is not part of the Sheffield collective.

We assume that this is probably the work of someone either from Northern IMC or someone pretending to be in order to cause trouble. In either case this is not acceptable and is an attack on the autonomy of Sheffield IMC and possibly an attempt denigrate Northern IMC. This account set up just a few days ago on 4th June. In other words it's sole purpose was set up to deliberately to attack Sheffield's and one of Mayday's pages. It was also used to edit the minutes of the Bradford meeting in December [2]. Since many Sheffield IMCistas have been locked out of the wiki we can't now revert the pages easily.

We would therefore ask you to:

a) Lock out the account the of the person known as NorThern. b) Revert the edits made to the documents below.

We will contact Northern IMC to inform them of what has been happening.

The pages affecting Sheffield are: