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(Occupy Wall Street and related channels)
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== Occupy Wall Street and related channels ==
== Occupy Wall Street and related channels ==
* irc://irc.indymedia.org/#occupywallstreet the main channel [https://chat.indymedia.org/?chans=occupywallstreet web]
* irc://irc.indymedia.org/#occupywallstreet the main channel ([https://chat.indymedia.org/?chans=occupywallstreet web])
* irc://irc.indymedia.org/#owspolitics political chat [https://chat.indymedia.org/?chans=owspolitics web]
* irc://irc.indymedia.org/#owspolitics political chat ([https://chat.indymedia.org/?chans=owspolitics web])
* irc://irc.indymedia.org/#occupyhouston Huston [https://chat.indymedia.org/?chans=occupyhouston web]
* irc://irc.indymedia.org/#occupyhouston Huston ([https://chat.indymedia.org/?chans=occupyhouston web])
* irc://irc.indymedia.org/#occupytampa Tampa [https://chat.indymedia.org/?chans=occupytampa web]
* irc://irc.indymedia.org/#occupytampa Tampa ([https://chat.indymedia.org/?chans=occupytampa web])
== Links ==  
== Links ==  

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Help info for using irc://irc.indymedia.org/

Basic Commands

Rooms are generally called channels.

Join a room (create it if it doesn't exist):

/join #roomname

Get a list of all the people in a room:



To get help on commands:

/msg NickServ help

Occupy Wall Street and related channels