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# this script takes a directory with some jpeg files in and 
# will scale the big ones and also remove all exif metadata
# from the jpegs

# you can set an optional AGE vairable here, if it's set then only 
# files that are newer than AGE fill be looked at -- this is handy 
# if the script is running on a cron job, set it to a tile just longer
# than the cron interval, use mins for the value  


# Directory of images is passed to this script via $1, if it's 
# not then we assume that we should run in the current directory.
if [[ $1 ]]; then
  # change to the directory where the images are
  cd $1

# get a list of the files, omitting ones that have already been scaled
#FILES=`ls --file-type="jpg" --ignore="*\.scaled\.jpg$"`
if [[ $AGE ]]; then
  FILES=$(find -P $DIR -type f -cmin -$AGE -name '*.jpg' ! -name '*\.indyscaled\.jpg')
  FILES=$(find -P $DIR -type f -name '*.jpg' ! -name '*\.indyscaled\.jpg')

for file in $FILES; do
#echo file: $file

  # check the file exists
  if [[ -f $file ]]; then

    # check if we can write to the file
    if [[ -w $file ]]; then

      # check if it's really a jpg
      TYPE=$(file -bi $file)
      if [[ $TYPE = "image/jpeg; charset=binary" ]]; then

         # remove exif metadata preserving the image date
         DATE=$(date -r $file)
         exiv2 rm "$file"

         # generate scaled versions of images if they are greater than 640px wide 
         # or 1024px high, maintaining the aspect ratio
         WIDTH=$(identify -format %w $file)
         if [[ $WIDTH > 640 ]]; then
            echo scalling $file
            convert "$file" -resize 640x1024 -format jpeg -quality 80 "$file.indyscaled.jpg"
            touch -d "$DATE" "$file.indyscaled.jpg"

         # reset the file date
         touch -d "$DATE" "$file"


        echo $file is not a jpeg



      echo $file is not writable



    echo $file does not exist