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This is somewhere to draft list policy, the initial text was taken from here.

The list specific policy for each list is to be followed by the general policy for all lists.


This lists is for collective members for general and policy issues and decision making between meetings.

If you are not a member of the collective please use the Users, Moderation, Features or Tech lists as appropriate.





General Policy for all Lists

In the spirit of openness and transparency, this list is open and publically archived. Anyone can join this list and anyone can email the list (though non-member email is held in the moderation queue to reduce spam) and view the archives even if they are not subscribed. The list of list members is only available to the list admins.

If you wish to posts to this list in an anonomous manner then please create a email account not linked to your real name, for example by using one of the activist email services, see the Earth First Privacy, Email and Activism article for more information on this.

In order to keep the list a pleasant workplace the list rules are:

  1. This mailing list is primarily a workplace. It is, therefore, the responsibility of all contributors, whether subscribed or not, to ensure that their contributions are made in a constructive manner.
  2. Personal abuse will not be tolerated. This includes name-calling, bullying, personalisation of arguments, ad-hominem attacks and unsubstantiated accusations.
  3. Abusive or inflammatory language will not be tolerated. This list is not a place for flame wars, no matter who started it.
  4. All contributors must respect the privacy of other contributors/subscribers. People have a right to have their choice of anonymity protected, except where threats to the security of the collective or collective members are encountered.
  5. All emails to the list should be on-topic. While wider (political or otherwise) discussions are sometimes helpful to understand and take a better decision on the issue in question, all contributors must bear in mind that the sole purpose of such discussions is to resolve the issue. In other words, this list is a workplace not a political discussion forum.
  6. All contributors are kindly asked to follow some basic Netiquette (network etiquette) guidelines (see the Wikipedia page on Netiquette). These include:
    • Avoid long emails and rants.
    • Keep or change the Subject line in accordance with the content of your email.
    • Do not include the entire text of the original email in your reply. Edit your reply quoting only the relevant bits of the original text.
    • Avoid using all-capital words as this is often interpreted as shouting and is more difficult to read.

This is really important for high-traffic lists that have many often-busy subscribers. If you don't take some time to format your emails properly, everyone else will have to take extra time to read them or, even worse, skip them altogether!