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New Email Lists and Wiki for UK Indymedia

 Title:        New Email Lists and Wiki for UK Indymedia
 By:           UK Indymedia Features
 Email:        features at

Two of the key tools that Indymedia activists use for communication and collaboration are email lists and wiki pages. UK Indymedia activists have made extensive use of lists hosted by the global list server and of the global Indymedia wiki over the last decade. But at the end of May 2011 key lists were shutdown without agreement and activists had their wiki accounts deleted.

In response, the Indymedia UK site has set up new email lists for people who wish to contact the site admins or to be involved in discussions about features and moderation. There is also a new wiki site for UK Indymedia related documents. In addition there is now a new Users list for users of this site to raise matters which are not covered by the Moderation, Features or Tech lists.


The new lists were set up after bou from IMC London and Be The Media, closed down the imc-uk-features and imc-uk-moderation lists, which were still in use, claiming that there was a consensus for her actions, following calls by the Be The Media collectives for IMC UK site admins to be denied further access to global Indymedia resources including mailing lists, irc and Shortly thereafter bou wrote another email stating that "[It] seems there is disagreement strong enough to grant a halt in this action so I am closing this ticket now. Only the first point was done." The email was hidden as it contained personal details of Mayday members but is quoted here. In spite of bou's acknowledgement of strong disagreement about these actions, (which was in addition to that expressed by Mayday collective members whose voice was not considered to count in the global network), no steps have yet been taken to reactivate the closed lists.

Both the features and moderation lists had over 100 subscribers, none of whom were made aware of where discussions would be taking place following the closures.

  • Invites will shortly be sent out to subscribers of the archived lists inviting them to join the new Features Tech and Moderation lists. Those wishing to contact site admins in confidence can now use the Contact List
  • In addition UK Indymedia activists have had their accounts deleted from the global wiki site at and subsequent to this key pages have been deleted and edited, in the name of the "Northern Indymedia wiki-secretary" Northern IMC has clarified that this action was not taken by its collective and that they do not know who carried out the attack. Such vandalism and abuse will not be tolerated on the new site.

The attempts to expel IMC UK site admins from Indymedia communications resources has already seen several protest resignations by techs outside of the dispute, and has caused extra work for techs who have not been party to the dispute. SSL certification for most Indymedia sites was lost as a direct result of the punitive measures. The authoritarian measures proposed by Be The Media collectives have reduced the opportunities for Indymedia UK site admins to communicate with the IMC global network, an effect which must have been both anticipated and intended.