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Earth First! Summer Gathering 2011

Peace News Camp 2011

This is what I initially sent (having been told there was no internet access on site):

Indymedia uk and you

Including (as required):

  • What is indymedia and how does it work?
  • How to use indymedia to best effect in your campaigns.
  • How to publish your news on indymedia uk.
  • How to announce events on indymedia uk.
  • How to promote your campaign with a middle column feature.
  • Topics and major reports.
  • How moderation works.
  • How to raise queries.
  • How to get involved.
  • Reporting news from this camp.

Then I got in touch with Crabapple Community, who said they could provide internet access.

In the meantime, Peace News has re-written the above as follows:

Using Indymedia

  • What is indymedia and how does it work? How can you use Indymedia to the

best effect in your campaigns? This workshop will guide you through the logistics and practicalities of how Indymedia works, including recently controversial issues such as how moderation works. There will also be a chance to report news from the camp.

Genny is an active Peace Campaigner involved in the Indymedia Collective.