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This page replaces my home page on — I have been locked out of that site.

Draft Comment

For this thread.

Disinformation, trolling and the information war

One of the root issues at the heart of the UK Indymedia split was how to deal with the (apparently) professional trolling this site gets, the London / Northern IMC approach was to try to ignore and work around the problem, by, for example, removing the ability for articles to have comments posted to them.

An example of the disinformational trolling is the first (now hidden) comment on this thread — it's in my name but it wasn't posted by me, I didn't see this thread till there were over 40 comments here.

The approach that the people running the UK Indymedia site take to disinformation is different fro the London / Northern IMC one:

One aspect of the open publishing model, which was not foreseen, was the extent to which it could be used and abused for the purposes of disinformation. Our approach to this is not to close down open publishing but to take active steps to remove disinformation and expose the tactics and politics of those behind it.

The above is taken from the Mayday Indymedia Founding Statement.

Another example of disinformation was an article posted to this site in June 2009, "Indymedia UK, the rise of the independents" — this is probably the best documented example of disinformation posted to this site and the documentation of the disinformation led to repeated calls from London / Northern IMC and others for the wiki page exposing the disinformation to be deleted — this is a really bad way to deal with disinformation.

London / Northern IMC continue to claim that the domain name,, has been "stolen" (see for example this email from a few days ago), but they show no interest in resolving this dispute through the process of consensus decision making, we sought a return to consensus but the response was a witchhunt. London and [1] still have their subdomains &bdash; nothing was "stolen" from anyone — the activists running this site prevented London / Northern in their attempt to shut it down and asserted their autonomy.