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Privacy Policy

UK Indymedia is very concerned about users privacy and anonymity. Optional personal information is only collected when people post to the newswire. All cookies are optional. IP addresses are not logged.

The UK Indymedia web site contains links to other websites. These are controlled by Indymedia affiliates or unrelated third parties. UK Indymedia is not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of any linked website.

IP Address Logging

Every computer on the web has an IP address. The IP adresses of remote users can be logged by servers. Through these logs, people's activities can be traced when they are matched with records from ISP's about who is has been allocated any given IP address at any time.

All the web servers that are used for the UK Indymedia web site are set up not to log IP adresss. This ensures the privacy of people who are browsing the site and posting news and comments to it. However, it is technically possible for networks between the servers and users to log IPs — if you are concerned about privacy need to ensure your anonomity please see the security page for more information about measures you can take.


A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer, and is sent to the Indymedia UK website each time you visit it. Cookies can record a variety of information and are used by some sites for collecting information about their visitors browsing activity by setting a persistent cookie with a unique identifier in it. This is not what UK Indymedia uses them for.

Broswer specific instructions for deleting cookies and controlling cookies are available on the web site. -- this site is now owned by a squatter "Belize Domain WHOIS Service"

UK Indymedia uses optional cookies for two purposes:

Publishing Cookies

When you use the publishing form to post an article to the newswire or to submit a comment to an existing article a session cookie (ie a cookie that will only last as long as your browser is open — it will be deleted when you exit your browser) will be saved to your computer because this is the way the software (Tomcat servlets) running the dynamic parts of the site works. This cookie will be deleted when you exit your browser. Since the publishing form is only available via a encrypted interface, this cookie will also be encrypted. If you reject this cookie, the publishing form will still work.

Newswire Cookies

The newswire on the front page of the site has two versions: the open newswire and the promoted newswire. You can set an optional persistent cookie (a cookie that is stored by your web browser and lasts until a set date in the future — it persists between brower sessions) to change your front page newswire preference to the promoted newswire. If you do this the site will attempt to set a cookie. If you accept it, your computer will "remember" to show you the promoted newswire each time you visit the site.

To use this feature, you must have cookies enabled in your browser. You can delete the cookie at any time. If you do so, your computer will "forget" your preference for the promoted newswire. If you click the link to revert to the default newswire, this will have the same effect: the cookie will be deleted.

Personal Information

If you wish to post news to this site anonymously then please do so. You may also contact UK Indymedia anonymously if you wish. If you are thinking of publicising your phone number or adress, please be aware that people might turn up at your doorstep. We discourage users from posting other people's personal details and we may remove personal details from posts.

Posting to the Newswire

You have the option to use your real name or a pseudonym when publishing news articles on this site. The email address field is optional, fill this in if you would like people to be able to contact you. The email address will appear on the published article. The postal address and phone number fields are also optional. This information is not made public, it is only accessible to the volunteers who administer the site.

Contacting UK Indymedia by Email

To get in touch with UK Indymedia, or any of the UK IMC collectives please use one of the email lists. Most of these are set up to accept posts from non-members. Be aware that most of the lists are publicly archived. For details of the non-public lists please see the contact page for the UK or the regional contact pages for the regional addresses.