Terror War

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This is somewhere to work on an article for September 2011 about the decade of the "War on Terror"

Topics to cover:

  • Genocide
  • Oil, Peak Oil
  • Fabricated Terror Plots
  • Unanswered questions, the families
  • WTC7
  • The "Truth Movement" and it's dubious leaders and dubious theories

A Decade of Imperial Genocide

It's ten years since the event which has come to mark the start of the "War on Terror", September 11th, 9/11.

It is estimated that the "War on Terror" has cost the US alone over $4 trillion, more than cost of World War Two.


Iraq: 3.5 million children in poverty, 1.5 m under five undernourished & 100 infants dying per day. Source http://www.irinnews.org/report.aspx?reportid=93133